PayFabric now integrates with SalesPad GP

SalesPad GP, by SalesPad, and PayFabric are now seamlessly integrated to provide Microsoft® Dynamics GP users an all-in-one solution for order entry, inventory, and sales management. SalesPad GP with PayFabric now provides secure payment processing and reduces merchants’ liabilities by removing the point-of-entry, storage, and transmission of credit card information from SalesPad GP and securing it in the cloud.

For more information about this partnership and integration, view the 2016 press release here:

About PayFabric:

PayFabric is a cloud-based payment acceptance engine and storage hub that easily integrates with any platform, application or back-office system. With a simple and flexible design, PayFabric provides the ability to process payments anywhere.

About SalesPad:

SalesPad, LLC, provides the premier add-ons to Microsoft® Dynamics GP and Intuit® QuickBooks® Online business software with easy-to-use tools that enhance sales, customer service, distribution, and warehouse management. With scalable and customizable products, SalesPad offers cost-effective solutions for businesses and proprietors seeking to expand and amplify the functionality and/or user base of their existing systems. SalesPad GP meshes with Microsoft Dynamics GP, and 7thStage integrates with Intuit QuickBooks Online.